The competition season has now begun!🤩 During the weekend, we skated both of our programs with a lot of emotion and confidence. We won the competition earning a total score of 182.39 points.🥇💛 Our performances left us improvements in both technical levels and interpretation!💪🏼Now we will continue training and working hard on our programs for the upcoming competitions.💥📈 - Congratulations to all teams, especially to the silver medalist @dreamedges🥈and to the bronze medalist @teammystique🥉!🖤 - Thank you for your support @pierrerobert @ladyt @energiavalmennus #usva #optibeltfinland #laakeriteam #slvalvonta #renardmarketinagency #bendix ❤️ - #teamfintastic #synchronizedskating #skatingfinland #ml1sm2019 #htk_yhdessä
Sneakpeek week day 4 - Fourth stage of sleep cycle: 2nd REM Common before waking up/ small hours - - After deep sleep, there is usually a second stage of REM sleep - your mind is able to control your sleep. You feel like you can do everything you set your mind to. The only limit is your own imagination.💭 Everything you have ever dreamed of is possible and you feel the thrill to do it. You have a chance and you take it.💥 - Everything you see or do can be impossible in real life but it all feels real in the moment.⏱ You would never want to wake up. - Slowly your dream begins to end - either you want it or not. You become more and more aware of the surroundings and about waking up.🌪 You start to hear voices from the real life. ”Wake up, wake up”. - #teamfintastic #sneakpeek #synchronizedskating #skatingfinland
Sneakpeek week day 3 - Third stage of sleep cycle : Deep sleep 25 minutes from falling asleep - Our body and brain waves slow down.〰️ The dreams we have seen become more logical and familiar to us. When we sink into the deep sleep stage it is hard to suddenly wake up from a state so deep in our unconsciousness.⛓ - ”You return back into your roots and you start remembering how it felt before responsibilities, decisions and hard situations in life.⚖️ You have entered a stage so deep down that the inner you is only left to come alive.♾ What would you be like without the surroundings influencing us? Deep down, who are you?👤” - #teamfintastic #sneakpeek #synchronizedskating #skatingfinland #htk_yhdessä
Sneakpeek week day 2 - Second stage of sleep cycle : REM (Rapid Eye Movements) 2 hours from falling asleep - Body is paralyzed and dreams begin. The brain is as active as being awake. Dreams are unreal and they consist of radiant colours and plot twists.🎭 The strong emotional charge explains why we remember the dreams after waking up.👀 - ”You surrender from darkness to be taken by this crazy imagination.🤪 You can only admire the surrounding. The scenery is full of different colours and your mind wants to just stay in place to wonder.”🌟 - #teamfintastic #sneakpeek #synchronizedskating #skatingfinland
Sneakpeek week day 1 - First stage of sleep cycle : Light sleep 2-5 minutes from falling asleep - Light sleep is a transition phase between being asleep and being awake. 💤 Awareness and touch of reality disappears which may cause hallucinations and nightmares.🤡 - ”Your body feels heavy and moving is impossible. Panic and fear captures your mind and the sounds around us become intensified.” #teamfintastic #sneakpeek #skatingfinland #synchronizedskating
This past week we have been enjoying the autumn holiday from school.🍂🌞 We have had an intense training week and we have also got to train @metroareena , where the first National Qualification will be held in two weeks.✨ - On Wednesday we got some valuable feedback from specialist Linnea Honkanen and on Thursday we worked on our short program with our ballet teacher, Anandah Kononen.🖤 - In the upcoming week we will have a sneak peek week and finally reveal our free program. We are so excited! Hopefully you’ve had a lovely autumn too.💜 #teamfintastic #skatingfinland #htk_yhdessä #ml1sm2019 #synchronizedskating #htk_luistelunilo