What a great weekend behind us! 💫We skated two solid programs and won the short program competition with points 65,86. From our free program we got 115,42 points. Overall we placed second. 🥈We are really proud of how we managed to skate this weekend! 🤩Congratulations to the winners🥇 dreamedgesofficial and to the bronze medalists 🥉teammystiquehsk. Also huge compliments to our club’s teams helsinkirockettes , finetteshtk and novetteshtk for great performances! 💛It was great to compete in front of an audience in a well organized competition. 😷Thank you tapparataitoluistelu! - Suurkiitokset myös TT-Matkoille onnistuneesta kisaviikonlopusta 🚌. Kuljetukset hoituivat taas kerran onnistuneesti ja turvallisesti ja mikä parasta hyvällä fiiliksellä!💙 https://www.ttmatkat.com - #teamfintastic #htk_yhdessä #htk_luistelunilo #skating #synchronizedskating #ml1sm #competition #ttmatkat
✨Team Fintastic 20-21 free program is... - Check the name from our feed😉 - Our program tells a harrowing story of beautiful maidens that turn into sirens and face a tragic end in a battle against the dark🌒. The numerous twists and turns of the story will take the audience into a magical world of tales🖤. - We can’t wait to perform our programs in the first competition of the season held in Tampere this weekend🤩. See you there! ps. You can also watch the competition from Ruutu+ or skatingfinland live stream💻. - #htk_yhdessä #teamfintastic #synchronizedskating #skating #freeprogram #competition
Team Fintastic sneakpeek week✨ DAY5 - The maidens have realized that they have led the sailors into slavery for the Queen🧜🏽 ♀️. They learn that she has cast a spell that orders them to lead the river users to death🔮. Only way to break the spell is to fight a battle from which they cannot survive💀. The maidens know that they are ready to sacrifice themselves for the safety of the river🎭. - #teamfintastic #htk_yhdessä #skating #synchronizedskating #sneakpeekweek #freeprogram
Team Fintastic sneakpeek week✨ DAY4 - As the maidens drift to the bottom of the river their shape changes far from beautiful🧟 ♀️. At the bottom they notice that they’ve arrived into an underwater kingdom that is led by a ruthless Queen of the river👑. Meanwhile, the bodies of the drowned sailors have came alive and are enchanted to join the forces of the Queen♟. When the Queen welcomes the maidens to her kingdom they realize that they have led the sailors to a terrible destiny💥🤥. - #teamfintastic #htk_yhdessä #htk_luistelunilo #skating #synchronizedskating #sneakpeekweek #freeprogram
Team Fintastic free program sneakpeek week✨ DAY3 - As the storm starts to rise the ship starts to drown🌪. The maidens see the situation and jump to help the drowning crew🌊. As they are under the water they see all the dead bodies sinking to the ground and suddently notice themselves changing shape again🌫💧. - Kisalookkiamme suunnitellessamme viimeistelimme sen sponsorimme BP hairin upeilla Betty-magneettiripsillä✨. Kiitos bphairoy ripsistä, jotka saavat kisameikkimme loistamaan jäällä!💜 - #teamfintastic #htk_yhdessä #synchronizedskating #skating #freeprogram #sneakpeekweek #bpmagneticlashes #bphair #bpmagneettiripset #competitionlook
Team Fintastic free program sneakpeek week✨ DAY2 - After the maidens have came alive, they start exploring their surroundings 😧🌿. They are by a river and see a ship approaching from the horizont⚓️. At the same time a storm is rising🌪. Will the ship and it’s crew survive, when the storm begins and the river starts to show it’s power?⚔️ - #teamfintastic #sneakpeekweek #freeprogram #htk_yhdessä #skating #synchronizedskating #htk_luistelunilo