This weekend we competed at the Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy 2020. 🇭🇷 We earned 128.54 points from our free program and scored a total of 198.29 points. 🥇💛 Yesterday we managed to skate a strong short program despite of small technical difficulties. Today we skated a clean free program full of emotion and force.💪🏼✨ The weekend was a huge success and we are very pleased with the result. We enjoyed every second on the ice together and most importantly we skated for ourselves. 💗 We would like to congratulate @haydensynchro🥈, @teamimagesynchro🥉 and all the teams who competed this weekend, especially @novetteshtk and others Finnish teams. 🇫🇮👏🏼 . . Huge thank you for our partners ❤ @ladyt @energiavalmennus @pierrerobert #renardmarketing #usva #optibelt #laakeriteam #bendix #slvalvonta . #teamfintastic #synchronizedskating #teamfinland #htk_yhdessä
Yesterday we arrived to Zagreb and we started our European Tour with full of energy and excitement. 🇭🇷This morning we had an unofficial practice at the Dom Sportova Arena.❤️After our first practice we had some time to rest and get ready for the drawing ceremony. 🔖❓ Tomorrow we will have our short program competition day and we will be the second team on ice at 19.52 (20.52🇫🇮) . #teamfintastic #synchronizedskating #teamfinland #zagrebsnowflakestrophy #zagreb #helsingintaitoluisteluklubi
Our experienced coaches help us to achieve successful performances and our goals.📈🏆 We are thankful for your time and effort you put into us.❣ We would not have made the challenging elements and creative programs work without your knowledge.💡 . Our partner @energiavalmennus offers new perspectives, coaching and mentoring for companies.🗣 Their competence improves and gives energy to many organizations. They help to improve teamwork and performance .🤜🏼🤛🏼 Just like our coaches improve us to work better together as a team.✨💪🏼 . #teamfintastic #energiavalmennus
Yesterday we had a special guest following our practice session.👀✨ We got valuable feedback from a judge’s perspective on both of our programs and also little details to work on.💪🏼 Thank you Milla!❤️ Our full focus is now on the upcoming international competitions in Zagreb and Gothenburg. ✈️🇭🇷🇸🇪 - Next time you will see us competing in Finland at the Junior World Qualifier at the beginning of February.🇫🇮 We would like to wish a successful competition weekend at Regionals, especially to all of @helsingintaitoluisteluklubi teams!🥰 - PS. Esittämmme molemmat ohjelmamme sunnuntaina Helsingin harjoitushallissa klo 15. Nähdään siellä!🤩 #teamfintastic #synchronizedskating #skatingfinland #zagreb #gothenburg
Last week, we returned back on the ice after our holiday break. We have started the year full of energy and excitement. 🤸🏼🤍 Now, we are working hard on both of our programs before our season’s first international competition. Our goal is to maintain our good interpretation and work more on the quality of our elements. ✨ We would like to thank @ladytkuntokeskus for supporting our wellbeing. 🧘🏼 ♀️👣 Also, thank you for helping us to get back to training shape after Christmas. Go check out and start the new year by finding yourself, for example a Slimyonik -treatment, to boost your energy levels!💚 . #teamfintastic #ladyt #ladytkannelmäki #ladytkuntokeskus #teamfinland #synchronizedskating
2019, what a year! ✨ At the beginning of the year we performed at the Finnish Sport-gala. After that we got to live many unforgettable moments together, especially our international competitions: Leon Lurje Trophy, Sweden and Junior World Synchronized Skating Championships, Switzerland.🇨🇭At the end of our valuable season we skated in an opening ceremony at the World Synchronized Skating Championships together with the other top junior teams in Finland. Last season taught us a lot which made us even more prepared for this season.💪🏼 The new season started successfully as we won the First Qualifications in Espoo. In December at the Second Qualifications we didn’t manage to skate our best which gave us more motivation to work on our elements even harder. 💪🏼⚡️ We are excited about the new year and what we will experience together. We couldn’t be more excited about performing our programs in the international competitions.💃🏼 We would like to thank our coaches, families, sponsors and especially our fans for the wonderful support during year 2019!💛 Wishing you a wonderful new year!✨ Team Fintastic💛 #teamfintastic #synchronizedskating #skatingfinland #2020
A couple of days ago we performed our short program at Helsinki Jääpuisto. After that we got to skate together with @helsinkirockettes in honor of Lucia Day. 🕯🤍 Before the upcoming competitions, it’s time to take a little break from training and enjoy this magical season of the year.⛄️🎁🎅🏼Yesterday we had our last practice before our Christmas holiday and we are very excited to spend more time with our families while relaxing.❄️❤️ Celebrating christmas with us @lumokodit !🙏🏼 #teamfintastic #synchronizedskating #skatingfinland #jääpuisto #lumokoti
Last weekend we competed in the Second Qualifications at Lahti. During the competition we had a few mistakes in the elements of both of our programs which cost us a certain amount of points. Even though we didn’t manage to skate our best programs we are proud how we kept our skating and interpretation strong and meaningful. 💙✨ The weekend was taughtful and we learned a lot about us as a team. Now we will keep working hard and start to focus on our next competitions in Zagreb and Gothenburg. 🚏👣 In January we will compete at the Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy at Croatia and from there our journey will continue to Leon Lurje Trophy in Sweden. 🇭🇷🇸🇪 - #teamfintastic #ml2sm2019 #synchronizedskating #skatingfinland
We are honored to represent our country, Finland, in synchronized skating, especially during our international competitions.🇫🇮 We’d like to wish a wonderful Independence Day to all Finns out there.❤️ - At the beginning of the week we had a successful show at Rovaniemi and now we have turned our heads towards the upcoming competition weekend.👀💪🏼💕 At the moment we are on our way to Lahti. 🚌 We are super excited to perform both of our programs again and we love the chance to spend more time together as a team.👩🏼 🤝 👩🏻 Tomorrow we will be the second team on ice at 16:51!⛸ - Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää!💙🤍 Glad självständighetsdag!🇫🇮 - #teamfintastic #ml2sm2019 #suomi #finland #skatingfinland #synchronizedskating