Thank you parents for the picnic you arranged yesterday💛. We got the opportunity to spend time together and get to know each other better. 🌼 Today we ended our summer camp dressed up in our old dresses reflecting our old favourite programs.✨ Now we are heading off to summer break to relax and train by ourselves, to be both mentally and physically ready when we return back on ice in the end of July!🌻🌞 #teamfintastic #skatingfinland #synchronizedskating #htk_yhdessä #summer2019 #htk_luistelunilo
Have you already read the latest Synchronice Magazine?✨ One of the twins on our team, Petra and Erika, got the opportunity to tell what it is like to be an athlete in one the world’s most successful Junior teams and a part of Team Fintastic. We would like to thank @synchrophotography for their amazing work and for giving us the possibility to share our story and to even pose on the coverpage of this inspiring magazine about synchronized skating.💚 Get your own copy at 💋 #skatingfinland #synchronizedskating #synchronice #synchronicemagazine #teamfintastic #htk_yhdessä #htk_luistelunilo #wjssc2019 #synchrophotography
This weekend we are working on our new short program at Kisakallio. The program challenges us in a new way and we are very excited about it. 🎼🤫We want to thank our last season’s sponsors for supporting us: Pierre Robert, Ruokaboksi, Ladyt, Skyr, Usva, Lumo. We are already looking forward to the future, do you want to be part of our teams’ journey this season?✨ #skatingfinland #synchronizedskating #htk_yhdessä #htk_luistelunilo #teamfintastic
Season 2018-2019 has come to an end. The journey of this team couldn’t have ended better - we skated together for the very last time at our home rink in front of a full, sold out audience! 😍 Most of us will continue to skate in this team, but some of us will be looking for new challenges. Even though our team will now split up, the memories and friends will stay forever.✨We want to thank everyone who have been with us on this journey: parents, team leaders, coaches, sponsors and all our supporters. Without you, this season wouldn’t have been as amazing and unforgettable as it has. Thank you❤
We wish good luck to @helsinkirockettes !🤩 You have shown great improvement throughout the season that us littlesisters can only admire. You truly deserve a place in this competition - enjoy the weekend, you really can do this! ❤ Also, did you know that tommorrow we will be performing in the opening ceremony!🧐 We perform together with @musketeersofficial and @synchroig#skatingfinland #synchronizedskating #worldsynchro #helsinki2019 #helsinkiliikkuu