Last weekend we had our annual fall camp at kisakallio 🍂 There we focused on our short program.🤹 ♀️🤪 Suuret kiitokset elovenasuomi maukkaista leirieväistä!💙 Fyysisen ja psyykkisen jaksamisen kannalta on tärkeää huolehtia riittävästä ravinnosta!🔋 #teamfintastic #htk_luistelunilo #camp #training #trainingcamp #elovena #elovenasuomi #annospuuro #välipala
Yesterday we had our first running practise of this season at Eltsu. 🏃🏼 ♀️We are now working on our stamina with different interval trainings once a week. 💪🏼During this period we strive to develop our strenght by making every practise harder than the last one we did. In the becoming weeks we will show you some of our workouts in our ig-stories. 🤩 #running #intervaltraining #teamfintastic #synchronizedskating
The last week of our summer break starts on Monday. ☀️ Our break has consisted of three training weeks and one week of relaxing. In the training weeks we have had 10 workouts that are designed to develope different skills that we need on ice. 💪🏼 We are so excited about returning on ice and practising together. 🤩 Enjoy your summer!🌼 . #teamfintastic #htk_yhdessä #htk_luistelunilo #summerbreak #synchro #synchronizedskating #holiday #skating
On Tuesday we had our traditional TF-kastajaiset where our new team members dressed up in funny costumes and competed against each other in groups🦸 ♀️. It is always fun to spend time with the whole team!✨ • Yesterday was the last Day of our camp in Salmisaari. After this camp we are going to have a Midsummer break and spend time with our friends and families💛. Next weekend we will be back in business again as we start the second camp of this summer in Kisakallio!💪🏼 • #teamfintastic #htk_yhdessä #kastajaiset #trainingcamp #synchronizedskating
Yay!🤩 We are finally back on ice and we are so happy about it.💜 Our first camp of this summer started on Monday at Salmisaari. By now we have been focusing on skating skills and getting to know each other better.👯 ♀️ We also got to listen our new short program music and skate to it.😍 Ps. Käykää lukemassa juttu ihanista valmentajistamme. Linkki löytyy biosta!❤️