On Saturday we spent some time together after practise. We enjoyed each others company and we talked about some feelings the upcoming season brings.💞 This week we will get some feedback from a couple of judges and after that we will head towards our weekend-camp in @kisakallio .🍂🥰 Thank you @pierrerobert for the warm training clothes and for your support for the upcoming competition season!💪🏼 #synchronizedskating #skatingfinland #pierrerobert #kisakallio #teamfintastic #htk_yhdessä
During these previous weeks we have returned back to school and our regular trainings. On ice we have mainly focused on skating skills and on our new programs. 👗✨ ISU’s rule modifications have brought us challenges to our upcoming season. We are excited about our programs, because they differ from our previous seasons’ programs. 🔮💕 Off ice we have focused on endurance and speed and enjoyed the sunny weather.🏃🏼 ♀️☀️
Our camp in Prague is now behind us and we are on our way back to Finland.🥰 During this week we built our new free program and got to enjoy free time together outside the ice rink. 🤩💕👌🏽 We got to paint paintings that to us depict our free program story.🤪 Here you see one painting and maybe later you’ll have a chance to see the rest, too!😉 In Finland, we will continue to practice our programs for the upcoming competition season.💪🏼 Thank you @lumokodit for supporting this trip.❣️👀 #synchronizedskating #htk_yhdessä #htk_luistelunilo #skatingfinland #prague #teamfintastic #together #lumokoti
Hi! We have been loving summer break so far!🌞🌺 A few weeks ago, we went to play tennis at Tapiola Esport Center.🎾 We had a lot of fun exercising together and trying a different summer activity. We will be training hard and relaxing the remaining of our holiday. Enjoy your summer break!💛 Elviira & Erika🦋
Hi guys! We have less than three weeks left before our break from the ice is over. During this summer, we’ve been doing our summer trainings here at Hanikka. Actually, we started doing our summer trainings together here, when we came to our club HTK in 2015. Last week, it was warm enough to go swimming afterwards. Happy summer!🏃🏼 ♀🌞🏊🏼 ♀ Anni & Katsku