Day 10! We won the second qualifiers even though we had an accident during the free skate practice and one of us had to skate a new spot with barely no practice! The competition was very even with all top 4 teams scoring within a 2,5 point margin. The feeling on the ice was unreal and the crowd was amazing. Thank you Jyväskylä❤️ congratulations to the other medalists @dreamedgesofficial and @musketeersofficial ! We can’t wait to get back to perfecting our programs on Wednesday. #ml2sm
Day 9! Today we skated a courageous program with strong emotions. We did not achieve all technical levels but overall we are satisfied with our efforts. The program landed us in a current third spot with less than 1.5 points to the leading team. Tomorrow’s competition will be vigorous and we are very excited to show you what we’ve got!💪🏻
Day 8! Here is our lovely coach Kaisa! She has been the head coach of @helsinkirockettes during all of their successful years and she is truly one of the most respected and experienced synchro coaches out there. Her understanding of elements is impeccable and the way she coaches is truly inspiring! Thank you for believing in us Kaisa!💛 We have now arrived in Jyväskylä for the second Finnish qualifiers. We will be the last junior team on the tomorrow at 19.50.⛸✨
Day 7! Today we’ll introduce to you our coach Milja! She is a very strong leader and as ambitious as us when it comes to perfecting our skating. We love how passionate she is about teaching us and making sure we live up to our full potential. She has worked so hard on the choreography of our programs this year as this is the first year that she is our main choreographer. Of course she has had help from Kaisa but we are still really proud of her first junior programs. We will introduce Kaisa, our other coach tomorrow so stay tuned...♏️🤗