We are now adding the final touches to both of our programs. On Wednesday we leave for the @tissotneuchateltrophy in Switzerland!🇨🇭 We had our regionals on Saturday and skated a clean program. It was not our best performance but still enough to win. We are also pleased to achieve much better technical levels than in the last two competitions. Our points also went up over 10 points and we received a score of 57,82.🏅
The season is now in it’s most hectic part with competitions coming up with only a few weeks between them. First up we have regionals in less than two weeks. Then we’re off to Switzerland and @tissotneuchateltrophy after that we will be qualifying for the Junior Worlds in the qualifiers. Then in the beginning of March it’s the National Championships where we’ll be defending our title and lastly hopefully Junior Worlds in Zagreb. ✨ #mlsm2018 #aluemestis2018
2017! What a year it has been. At the beginning of the year, in February we won the Finnish championships for the first time in many years. Then in March we traveled to Canada as Team Finland 1 and came second in the Junior Worlds. But that was last season. This autumn and beginning of winter the new season started and after a disappointing third place in the first competition, we worked harder than ever and won the second one! We are more motivated than ever to keep improving towards the Finnish championships to maintain our title as reigning champions. Thank you for being with us through 2017, now let’s make 2018 even better!✨❤️